Coolsculpting® technology delivers precisely controlled cooling
to gently and effectively target and freeze fat cells underneath the skin.
In the weeks that follow, your body naturally processes the fat and
eliminates the dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you.
With over 1 million Coolsculpting® treatments performed worldwide,
people everywhere are enjoying improved silhouettes thanks to
individual plans tailored specifically to their bodies. JOUVENCE is proud to offer this innovative technique with excellent
long-term results.

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Over the past years, JOUVENCE has continuously perfected existing treatments and introduced relevant new ones.
The BODY by Jouvence collection of treatments uses the latest machines and techniques to treat problems such as
persistent fat (Coolsculpting®) and cellulitis (Cellumed) in a personalized and custom-made manner.
Discover BODY BY JOUVENCE Collection
Having smooth legs, a beautiful bikini line and soft underarms
at all times has never been this easy to achieve.
JOUVENCE offers the gold standard in laser technology to safely eliminate hair
follicles in their active growth phase preventing them to regrow.

The treatment is usually done in one-month cycles and you will already witness less
hair growth after four sessions. A personalized quote will be given beforehand
depending on the area treated and hair-type.

As hair-growth cycles are unpredictable and some hair follicles more resistant than
others, JOUVENCE includes a 2-year guarantee with two free touch-up sessions
making the Laser Hair Removal treatment at JOUVENCE, an excellent return
on investment.

Quotation upon consultation
Winning the battle against cellulitis is possible; all you need is
to equip yourself with the right tool.
Using a «pull/push» technology with ultra sounds and lymphatic drainage, this
treatment drastically reduces the cellulitis that creates an undesirable “orange peel”
How does it work? On the one hand, the gentle pull/push and draining effect from
the mechanical technique, releases fatty tissues. On the other hand, the low energy
ultrasound acts upon the cells themselves improving microcirculation and positively
increasing the permeability of the skin to active products.

Cellumed™ will effectively tone and smoothen any problematic areas making you feel
more confident and beautiful than ever.

CHF 100.- / Per session
CHF 1000.- / Package for 10 sessions plus 2 additional complementary sessions
Stop hiding your legs and discover a highly effective, non-invasive
vascular and leg vein laser treatment at JOUVENCE.
Laser and other light based technologies enable effective treatment of leg veins and
vascular lesions by inducing vessel collapse through coagulation.
JOUVENCE uses the technically-advanced Lumenis Multi-Spot Nd:YAG laser
machine to treat varicose problems of up to 4.5 mm deep and 4 mm diameter.
This treatment offers a safe solution to vascular and varicose vein conditions,
without resorting to surgery or needing recovery time.
After a few sessions (depending on the initial condition) your self-confidence will be
boosted, as your legs will look sexier.

CHF 300.- / Per session
Excessive perspiration can lead to embarrassing situations and
uncomfortable sensations; thankfully this condition can safely
be treated.
If you suffer from abundant and uncontrollable perspiration, JOUVENCE brings you
good news with an effective treatment for Hyperhydrosis.

This safe and effective medical solution consists of injecting appropriate doses of
Botulinum Toxin under the arms. This safe and clinically proven technique dramatically reduces excessive sweating with a lasting effect between 6 to 12 months.

CHF 700.- / Per session
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