Double up with Vitamin C and Sunscreen
to prevent premature aging

A quality Vitamin C provides advanced environmental protection
and neutralizes free radicals improving the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles. It is an effective tool to combat UV rays and pollution
that cause premature skin aging. However, Vitamin C alone is not
enough, even though our skin is less exposed to the sun during
autumn, UV rays can cause damage. You need to double up with a
quality and high-protection factor daily Sunscreen.

Contact JOUVENCE to find out more about the full range of SkinCeuticals®
and ZO® Medical & Health Vitamin C and sunscreen formulations.



Pamper your skin and try one of Jouvence’s Exclusive facials specifically developed by Dr Marva Safa.
Luxurious, relaxing and cleansing European facial techniques are combined with state-of-the-art medical aesthetic technology
so as to improve the overall health and beauty of your skin.
Each treatment is unique and individualized according to different skin types and needs.
Discover THE EXCLUSIVE Collection
Treating yourself to a perfect facial treatment not only provides
immediate radiance to your face, but long-lasting healthy skin.
Experience a moment of bliss with the highly effective program developed by
Dr Marva Safa.

This 1H30 treatment starts with a glycolic acid peeling followed by a complete
deep cleansing facial continued with a regenerating massage and ending with
a purifying mask. Once your skin is clean and toned with the glycolic acid
exfoliating action it can readily absorb the products used in the treatment.
The regained freshness and smoothness of your skin will contribute to a bright
and healthy glow.
For a holistic approach, this facial treatment is completed with an exquisite
treatment for the hands, so often neglected.

CHF 210.- / Per session
Revitalising your skin is an important process to keep it toned and healthy.
If your face is in need of hydration and stimulation boost, indulge in a moment of
pleasure, with JOUVENCE’s specially developed Cryolift facial treatment.

Your skin will benefit from a serum with revitalizing active ingredients applied with a
chilled roller. The effect is immediate, as the cold visibly reinforces the tightening and
lifting effect on the skin. The treatment hydrates and stimulates the skin in depth,
enabling it to retrieve an extraordinary radiance and tone.
A glycolic peel can be added to the procedure for a more impactful result.

CHF 210.- / Per session (without glycolic peel)
CHF 290.- / Per session (with glycolic peel)
Treating irritated, dehydrated skin should be high on your
priority list; the sooner you act, the better the result.
If your skin is easily irritated and dehydrated you might want to try JOUVENCE’s
specially developed SOS treatment that will treat your skin and help it recover a
healthy appearance in record time.

In only 40 minutes this treatment has an immediate healing effect on irritated and
dehydrated skin. The appeasing and anti inflammatory treatment is combined with a
blueberry mask that restores and hydrates the skin.

You will find this a soothing and uplifting moment.

CHF 90.- / Per session
Giving up one hour for a relaxing facial contributes to
long-lasting beautiful skin.
If you feel your face is in need of nourishing and hydrating care try JOUVENCE’s
“Coup d’éclat.”

This instant beauty enhancement treatment, which lasts only 1 hour, will bring back
the radiance your skin deserves. The relaxing facial stimulates the renewal of cells
and provides the skin with the hydration it needs to shine.

CHF 180.- / Per session
Don’t let your hands give away your age; turn to a safe non-
surgical treatment that can visibly improve the appearance
of your hands.
Often neglected, hands tend to be low on the “to fix” list, but with time, skin laxity,
volume loss and sun damage have a negative appearance on your hands making them
look thin and wrinkled.

Designed specifically by Dr Marva Safa, this safe and effective hand-filler treatment
uses a series of hyaluronic acid injections to restore hand volume and minimise the
appearance of wrinkles and veins.

If you are seeking a safe and effective, non-surgical way to rejuvenate your hands with
minimum down time, JOUVENCE’s personalised program will be ideal for you.

CHF 800.- / Per session
World-renowned dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi has dedicated
his life to developing treatments that work on a deep cellular
level and spectacularly improve even the worse skin conditions.
JOUVENCE is one of the few clinics in Switzerland to represent the innovative and
effective OBAGI & ZO® Skin Health products. Dr Marva Safa was personally trained
by Dr Zein Obagi in California.

Dr Safa has helped many patients recover from skin disorders and chronic conditions
using the ZO Medical and Skin Health treatments.

Read more about Obagi ZO® Medical program HERE
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If you wish to combat dull and fatigued skin with maximum impact and minimum down time,
JOUVENCE has just the right weapon for you.
With time, your fast-paced and active life can bring about dull and fatigued skin.
JOUVENCE uses the most technically advanced regenerative peeling treatments to act on unaesthetic conditions such as
dilated pores and superficial pigmentation. As different skin problems require different depth of peelings, JOUVENCE includes
a preliminary medical consultation to define the most appropriate peeling treatment for you whether it be
a light glycolic acid-based peel, one of SkinCeuticals® professional peels
or a more intensive ZO® medical peeling program.

You will see the significant and visible improvement of your skin tone, texture and pigmentation lesions.
With less recovery time needed, your skin will be rejuvenated, looking radiant, clearer and healthier than ever.
For an accelerated and more impactful effect try our combo Peeling and Intense Pulse light therapy.

CHF 210.- to 480.- / Per session

The JOUVENCE team will be happy to provide you with more information
or book your appointment by e-mail at or by phone +41 (0)32 710 19 07