With the years, our skin becomes finer, more fragile losing its elasticity, its brightness and its firmness. Tissues sag and wrinkles are are more visible. Absorbable threads help to mitigate the marks of time. Thanks to PDO absorbable thread technology using polydioxanone, face and body regain better elasticity and firmness. Inserted into the skin after local anesthesia, the threads smooth and revitalize the tissues by mechanical and biological action. This procedure is carried out between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the area treated. The result is visible immediately and gradually after the treatment. The skin appears less wrinkled, regenerated and restructured. The results can evolve in the three months following the procedure. It takes 1 to 3 months to obtain an optimal result. A medical consultation is necessary for a more complete and personalized information.


PDO Basic : CHF 600.- / PDO Screw : CHF 800.- / PDO Barb 4D : CHF 1’200.-





Silhouette Soft® is made of resorbable threads and biocompatible components that provide immediate traction and repositionning of the tissues and stimulation of collagen formation to redefine the facial contours and tone and smooth the skin. Silhouette Soft® is ideal for patients who would like to treat sagging skin with a minimally invasive method. It can be combined with Hyaluronic acid fillers for optimum results.


From CHF 1’500.- to 2’500.-