Designed specifically by Dr Marva Safa, this effective treatment
uses a series of hyaluronic acid injections to significantly improve and
correct unappealing aging signs such as dehydrated lips, vertical lines,
wrinkles, volume loss and drooping mouth corners.

If you are seeking to restore and enhance the natural beauty of
your lips without risking over correction, RejuveSmile is definitely
the right answer for you.

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The Rejuve collection is a series of personalized facial rejuvenation treatments designed by Dr. Marva Safa
to enhance and treat problematic areas.
With 15 years of experience as well as anatomic and clinical research with Hyaluronic acid, Dr. Safa evaluates
each patient’s condition first, in order to create a customized treatment.
Discover THE REJUVE Collection
Our eyes are the reflection of our well-being.
Needing a little help to restore your joyful
and youthful spark? RejuvenEye will be
your new best friend.
This treatment, specially designed by Dr Marva Safa uses
hyaluronic acid to improve and attenuate unattractive
bags under the eyes, fine lines and dark circles that
unfortunately affect the most expressive part of our face
as we grow older.

RejuvenEye provides the perfect eye booster without
the need for surgery and allows you to get straight back
into your daily routine. After only a few sessions, you will
be looking more radiant with a refreshed and glowing
appearance around your eyes while safeguarding a
balanced and overall natural outcome.
RejuveNose offers a non-surgical solution
to instantaneously improve the appearance
of your nose.
Designed specifically by Dr Marva Safa, this safe and
effective nose-filler treatment uses a series of hyaluronic
acid injections to reshape minor nasal deformities by
augmenting areas of soft tissue without needing to resort
to a heavier rhinoplasty intervention.

If you are seeking a quick and painless way to correct
your nose with immediate yet natural-looking results,
RejuveNose is the answer.
Treat yourself to an elegant and non-surgical
treatment that will restore the natural,
healthy shine your face deserves.
Created by Dr Marva Safa, the RejuveLift technique uses
hyaluronic acid to restore the natural volume of your face
by harmonizing and correcting the loss of proportion that
comes with age.

If you are constantly on the go, this treatment is ideal for
you as it is fast, effective and long lasting with no recovery
time needed. You will leave with a healthier and
rejuvenated glow on your face.
Personalized, global
facial rejuvenation procedures.
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The Ultimate Wrinkle Smoother
At JOUVENCE you can turn to
Dr Marva Safa for a Botulinum Toxin
treatment that will smoothen unwanted
lines while keeping your natural

A series of microinjections will act on
the wrinkles caused by the continuous
facial muscular contractions that enable
our expressions. The relaxing effect on
the muscles leaves the skin with a
smoother and rested appearance for
a period of 3 to 6 months.

CHF 300.- to 700.-
Per session / Depending on the area
Volume restoration
Hyaluronic acid gel, a hydrating
substance naturally present in our
organism, is injected into the skin area
so as to restore volume and attenuate
wrinkles. The improvement is immediate;
your skin will be rehydrated and your
face will naturally look luminous and
rested for a period of 9 to 12 months.

After 15 years of experience as well as
anatomic and clinical research with
hyaluronic acid, Dr. Marva Safa has
created specific non-surgical procedures
that enhance and treat delicate and
problematic areas of the face.

Each patient is individually evaluated so
as to create a customised treatment
plan to answer his or her requirements
and needs.

CHF 800.- to 1’500.-
Depending on the area treated
Rejuvenation Cocktail
This treatment with no downtime,
consists of a highly effective cocktail of
hyaluronic acid, vitamins and oligo-
elements specially created for the face,
neck and décolleté area.

Specially developed by JOUVENCE,
MesoSkin goes beyond the usual
Mesotherapy treatment. The cleansing/
light peeling stage that precedes the
series of microinjections, followed by the
application of SkinCeuticals high potency
Vitamin C and a hydrating mask makes
all the difference.

The positive impact is immediate. Your
skin will be revitalized and deeply
hydrated making you look healthier and
more radiant.

CHF 350.- to 500.-
Per session / 3 to 5 sessions are
recommended for best impact
The Power of Light
Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is an effective
way to treat problems such as rosacea,
scars and some pigmentation lesions
without risk of irremediable damage.
The heat from the light stimulates the
different layers of the skin enhancing
the collagen and elastin activity, which
boosts the skin and improves conditions
such as rosacea and certain pigments.
After a minimum of 4 IPL sessions your
skin will be rejuvenated with a luminous
and more homogeneous tone.
For maximum impact JOUVENCE
begins the treatment with a light peeling
and ends with the application of a
hydrating mask and SkinCeuticals®
Vitamin C.

Face : CHF 450.-
Face, neck and décolleté : CHF 650.-
Per session